Conveniently Blind

Update: La Tomatina Cancelled! Sanity prevails!

Note: The tone of the article is not pleasant. Reflects my frustration. And I took no pain to hide it.

Just spare a thought for that young kid on the road. He hasn’t had anything to eat for the past two days. And now, he stares at people throwing food at each other, food being indiscriminately wasted, food being used for entertainment and ‘celebration’, in the name of La Tomatina.

Celebration of what? A most outrageous, inhuman celebration that smacks of arrogance and ignorance. A pure sadistic pleasure of destroying food that could well have formed somebody’s meal. (more…)


India – The Largest Car Manufacturer

Thought it was Japan? Nope, not even Toyota can compete with the Indian industry. We have an excellent set-up. We also have a distinct advantage over the Japanese. Here, the cars themselves want to be made and be sold in the market. No, I am not talking about the Maruti 800s or the Tata Indicas. I have a completely different picture of the “car”. The industry that I am referring to is not the traditional car manufacturing industry, but the highly lucrative Education Industry which produces ultra-sophisticated cars. Make no mistake, these cars have the self-motivation to be perfect and advertise for themselves to be sold.

We keep hearing the garb about education being commercialised, being commoditised, losing its value, (more…)

A Peek Into The Beginnings

The Motivations

The following post is about trying to give a general idea of the Large Hadron Collider experiments being carried out by CERN (and as such, the post is LARGE), better known as the Big Bang experiment. The main motivation behind this is my sister. I don’t profess complete knowledge about the subject matter nor do I aim at explaining the technical intricacies involved. I aim at the general non-technical reader. And I hope to enthuse and introduce them to the wonderful world that is physics without the equations that scare most people away. I don’t take any responsibility for technical mistakes but I am open to corrections and suggestions.

The Child And His Toy

Most kids love to play with toys, as we did, and some kids end up breaking their toys. Elders might scorn at a broken toy, but ever wondered what made the child break the toy? The thing which made the child break the toy is the essence of every human – “curiosity(more…)

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A Remedy Worse Than The Disease



Out of the numerous challenges our country is facing, one problem with which most readers can relate themselves to is the issue of higher education. The quality of higher education is poor and equitable access to higher education is absent. No doubt, it is a disease which demands our attention and a cure at the earliest.

The Quack’s Cure

Utilising the services of highly educated Netas, the Indian government set about finding the cure. They finally found the problem: (more…)

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The unArgumentative Indian

Before starting off, let me thank all those who inspired (or is it conspired?) me into writing my own blog. The list includes a couple of very old friends and a humanoid. It took a long time coming off, but I knew it was going to come. Was waiting for a topic and finally I found the most nondescript and the driest topic I could imagine.

No, I did not take any cues from Amartya Sen, this is wholly my take on a trivial subject which has caused endless frustration to me. The subject matter, as the title indicates, is that of arguments and how people deal with them. Getting into an argument, especially with an elder, is the worst sin you could possibly commit as a child. “Do not argue with me!” is the common rebuttal most of us would have faced. And when two grown-ups argue, we have the all-persuading saint who breaks the fight saying “Dude, each one has their own perspective, there’s no point arguing about it”. Perspective? Can a person argue that the sun rises in the west and still get away just because it is his/her perspective?

I am not talking about subjective matters like “Is Sachin the greatest batsman?” No. We are forbidden from arguing about objective issues as well. People might have different perspectives on subjective matters, but what about objective discussions? We generally fail to draw a line between objectivity and subjectivity.

Are arguments beneficial in any way? This is my blog, so YES, arguments are beneficial. On a more serious tone, the essence of all progress is debate. Friction between forces is necessary for any sort of progress. Imagine a world without friction, with only positively charged particles, a game of cricket without bowlers (or without batsmen). How would the world look like?  No imaginable means of transport, no electricity and no progress. Debate between opposing forces is central to “change”. And all progress is change. Had people not debated about the earth being flat or round, whether the earth goes round the sun or is it the other way round, science would have remained stale. The next time you argue, do not stop until and unless you are convinced. Don’t stop just because you are arguing with Einstein. Or because you are arguing with elders. But do remember one thing, courtesy can always be maintained and arguments can be healthy.

P.S: How many times have you heard this: “I neither questioned nor argued with my elders when they told me something. This is how you should behave”

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