Free Software Workshop @ SSN

Well, been long since I blogged. Technically speaking, this is my first blog. No, I wrote the other articles as well. But again, a blog, this is the first.

So what kept me from blogging for so long? More than a couple of reasons. The primary one being the workshop and then my project, among others. And I thought I should log my experiences of the workshop in my blog.

One of the things I love about free software is that, the more you work – the more you love it. The more you work – the more you want to work. The more you work – the more energy you get. The passion of the volunteers around you is infectious, so is the enthusiasm of so many students.  We had around 250 students attending the 5-day camp that was held at SSN Engineering College (more…)


Myth Of The Starving Genius


Oops!! Looks like I messed up the post. Deviated from the basic premise I set about to explore. Thanks to the humanoid for pointing it out. I will probably post a follow-up..err.. a clean-up. Sorry for the goof-up.

Microsoft pays me 13lac p.a. Can Free Software do that?

Second part in my series on Intellectual Property. I am going to try to debunk a few popular myths. This essay is aimed at the young graduate and the student who has all sorts of doubts if Free Software can provide him with the money that the Proprietary world offers him.

Most of the times, students do get convinced that free software is ‘the’ way to go forward. They also agree that it is morally, ethically and technically superior. They also agree that we can make some sort of money by pursuing free s/w as a career.

And everyone agrees in unison that the proprietary system offers them higher salaries as opposed to free software. The general tendency (more…)

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Migration Blues


I have been advocating the adoption of free software for over 4 years now. The most often raised question is this:

“I have been using M$ Windows and here in India, we get anything for free. I never paid to get my copy of windows. So what difference does it make to me whether I use Windows or Free Software?”

Genuine question, in spite of my stressing that the Free in Free software means “Freedom” as in Free Speech. I still need to address that particular concern in terms of economics as well, rather than in plain old philosophy and ideology.

In God’s own country

Kannur, Malabar, Kerala. If there is one place still not tampered by the destructive creativity and intellect of man, (more…)

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