A Peek Into The Beginnings

The Motivations

The following post is about trying to give a general idea of the Large Hadron Collider experiments being carried out by CERN (and as such, the post is LARGE), better known as the Big Bang experiment. The main motivation behind this is my sister. I don’t profess complete knowledge about the subject matter nor do I aim at explaining the technical intricacies involved. I aim at the general non-technical reader. And I hope to enthuse and introduce them to the wonderful world that is physics without the equations that scare most people away. I don’t take any responsibility for technical mistakes but I am open to corrections and suggestions.

The Child And His Toy

Most kids love to play with toys, as we did, and some kids end up breaking their toys. Elders might scorn at a broken toy, but ever wondered what made the child break the toy? The thing which made the child break the toy is the essence of every human – “curiosity(more…)

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